Minutes from Meeting on June 12, 2017

Agenda and Minutes

June 12, 2017


Topic Speaker Time Notes
Options for legal structure or not Dayan Hochman, J.D. 7-7:30 p.m. Possible business structures:

  1. Remaining as is
    1. Pros, easy, already doing well, grants flexibility, can evolve into other types of organizations.
    2. Cons: liability, ie. call to action, someone hurt, they could sue an individual in the group
  2. LLC
    1. Pros: limited liability. If something happens someone could potentially sue the corp but probably not an individual, people can be shielded from liability and can’t be sued for their personal assets.
    2. Cons: liable to pay corporate taxes; requires compilation of operating agreement (decide structure of board, etc.); have to choose how org is to be treated for tax purposes (1 person is sole proprietorship). It would be a company with owners and a board but no employees
  3. 501(c)4
    1. A “social welfare organization”, can include lobbying but only as a percentage of the work. We are an advocacy group. Pro: tax exemption, donations are tax deductible. (Lobbying is limited to less than 30% of activities.) Eligible for public and private grant programs. Limited liability (similar to LLC).
    2. Cons: really expensive to create – $500-800. If you want to incorporate in any way you need to file with the NM Secretary of State. There are paperwork requirements with feds and state. There are specific activities defined as allowable. Can’t participate in political campaigns as an org.
  4. Suggests that the 501(c)4 is the best option form for us. But LLC would be good enough if we don’t want the tax exemption. Doing an LLC now does not preclude us from forming a 501(c)4 later.
  5. Look into the possibility of a “New Mexico non-profit.”
Housekeeping Maurreen Skowran 7:30-7:35  
Opening remarks supporting LLC Kathy Brown 7:35-7:37 Doesn’t want a lot of bureaucracy, easiest thing that is still legal, get bank account, have limited liability. Isn’t sure we have enough time and energy for a 501(c)4. Maybe later? Wants to know more about the NM Non Profit.
Opening remarks opposing LLC Maurreen Skowran 7:37-7:39 Open to anything except “being owned”. Seems not to fit us. Suggests we study it and learn more about corporation types.
More discussion about possible legal structure Group 7:39-7:50 Flora: what are other indivisibles doing about this kind of thing?

Liz: did look at Indivisible Santa Fe, they are a NM non-profit, have directors, don’t list titles, unable to find out if they have to file with federal govt.

Randy: doesn’t have an EIN for his NM non-profit

Debbie: will look into the NM non-profit

Research to be completed in two weeks and report out no later than next meeting.

Volunteers for ad hoc committee to explore options:

Cheryl Passalaqua

Debbie Kmak

Kathy Brown

Liz Young

Maurreen Skowran

Tom Anderson

Any motions about possible legal structure Group 7:50-7:55 none
BREAK! n/a 7:55-8:00  
Meetings with offices of members of Congress Jennifer Cornish 8-8:05 p.m. June 21, 4pm meeting with Mariana Padilla at Lujan Grisham’s office

Alan Wagman will explore research relevant to the meeting topic of current and potential immigration legislation

Friends/Quaker meeting house Sanctuary accompaniment training – June 29 Kathy Brown 8:05-8:10 p.m. Request for volunteers – Contact Kathy Brown if you are interested in volunteering.
New leaders and miscellaneous updates Maurreen Skowran 8:10-8:15 p.m. Group leads:

Maria Garre: communications team, Justin Zarb assisting

Bob Kmak: events

Alan Wagman: government & issues

Affinity/Interest groups:

Randy: Placitas

Steve: environment


City Council forums Flora Lucero 8:15-8:25 p.m. Proposal to sponsor city council election forums in 5 districts in the city. Work with Democratic party to help with getting out participation. Hopefully have them at the community centers. Good for connecting with our neighborhoods. Listen to people in our communities to find out what they want. Promote connection.
Communications team Maria Garre 8:25-8:35 p.m. Report:

-Justin taking over Slack communications

-exploring monthly email to update membership

-exploring free email service (within 15  days)

-meetings of Communications team will take place the Monday following our all group meetings, next one is June 24, 7pm at 111 Carlisle SE

-a donor will support one year of website cost

-website to promote community and Indivisible events

-twitter account is now active

-will create Indivisible flyer to drive activity to website

June 17 rally for health care Flora Lucero 8:35-8:40 p.m. -NM health care rally on June 17th at Lomas/UNMH, 10-11am

-Coordinated across all 33 counties in NM, at the request of Tom Udall’s office

-People encouraged to wear pink, scrubs

-People are encouraged to shoot 2-minute videos about how the ACA impacts their lives, or stories about Planned Parenthood impact, contact Felicia@nmdemocrats.org

-Sandoval County event at the Old Courthouse in Bernalillo.

-Hashtags for event:





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  1. You could have been also working with the Green Party of the Albuquerque Metropolitan Area whose party business formation is established already and is affiliated nationally. We could have brought up our activists on the border issues to share what has been working already. That said, a lot of the other failures that brought the immigration issue to the forefront was with the visa programs run by the U.S. Secretary of State at the national level from my observations over the years.

    As for our major local issues I would be interested in dialogue regarding the nuclear weapons industry. Supported in the NDAA by our entire federal delegation from this state, it is now awakened nationally in the pursuit of jobs. This energy intensive embedded energy will exacerbate the climate tipping points to a form of self directed suicide. It dovetails with the MIC desires for the militarization of space promoted by our own former congresswoman, now Secretary of the Air Force, Heather Wilson. All of this is IMHO a bad and stupid thing to do. There is little more to say on the matter but 1.5 trillion dollars would be better spent for immediate reduction by 50% or more in fossil fuel use since our species continued existence over the next 2 billion years on this interplanetary spaceship depends on it. Nothing else is more important, truely.

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